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Hair Genesis™ is the only Non-Drug (naturally-derived from herbal and botanical sources) hair growth hair loss treatment with DHT Blockers backed by independent and published research study done according to FDA-regulated, IRB-monitored standards. It is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair, and hairloss and help regrow hair naturally.

The testimonies presented below are for consumers who either presently still use or have used in the past genuine HairGenesisand not any other products.

If you see these same testimonials, the HairGenesis published research report or any of our client / patient photos, especially the TWINS PHOTOS, on other sites, which sell some other product other than HairGenesis, know that these testimonial success stories and photos are not the results obtained by any other products.

Share your success story with us and we can give you a discount on your next order of HairGenesisproducts. Just email us and let us know you have a success story to tell us.

We greatly value your opinion and feedback.


These testimonies are not proof of results or a claim for the ability of HairGenesis  to grow hair or prevent hair loss. Individual Results May Vary.

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We would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to tell us about your own results and experience with our products.

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given January 2005

"It's such a gift not to worry about losing your hair."

I can't tell you what peace of mind HairGenesis brings me as a six year customer. It's such a gift not to worry about losing your hair. And it's an even greater gift to see a stronger hairline and a fuller head of hair. But it's also important to me to address hair loss safely and in a healthy manner. I look at HairGenesis as I do running, eating right and working out every day. It's part of my daily routine that keeps people guessing my age at 10 to 12 years younger. And I can't ask for more than that!"

If I am going to take something into my body for any length of time, I want to make sure that it is not going to hurt me long term. I would prefer to use a natural botanical product like Hair Genesis than drugs that can have various and unknown side effects. 

Michael B. - near North Hollywood, CA

given January 2005

"It's a little better than just peach fuzz. "

I've been using HairGenesis since December of last year. My hair is starting to come back. It's a little better than just peach fuzz or what I had when I used Avacor. At least I am starting to see results. I want to place another order.

Michael G. - California

given February 2005

"I started to see results within the first week. My hair got thicker thanks to HairGenesis."

I am 23 years old. I was losing my hair for about three years. I began using HairGenesis about one year ago. I started to see a difference in in my hair in just four days. my hair started to feel thick again. I am very happy with HairGenesis and the results I have seen since then. Now I too am a repeat customer. Using the Soft Gels, I can maintain the results I have achieved without any hair falling out again."

Brian F. - near Ocala, FL

given February 2005

"My hair loss completely stopped and I have maintained what I have since then."

Both my father and my brother lost most of their hair. I too started going bald around age 20. I started using HairGenesis back eight years ago. My hair loss completely stopped and I have maintained what I have since then. This is the only product that I have used to treat my balding problem. HairGenesis really works.

Michael F. - near Philadelphia, PA

given June 2005

"Obviously when used properly, the product works."

I have been using HairGenesis for about three months and I wanted to tell you my thoughts about the product. I believe that the product has helped to stop my hair loss and had made my hair look fuller on top. My hair got noticeably thicker and probably grew new hair towards the back. After about a month of applying the topical serum, using their shampoo and taking the gel tablets, I noticed an improvement in my hair.

I decided to stop applying the topical serum and just use the shampoo and take the tablets. As a result, my improvement began to decrease. Obviously when used properly, the product works. I started using the topical serum again and my hair is improving again.

I am going to continue to use the product because I know that the product works for me. The instructions state that people may notice results after taking the product for three months. I began to notice improvement after one month. It does look like I have more hair.

I can not say whether it is better than Propecia, because I have never taken Propecia. I do know that Hair Genesis is definitely better than Avacor and Rogaine, because I have taken both of those minoxidil products with little improvement.

I hope everyone finds a product that works for them and that they are happy with. It does not have to be Hair Genesis. If you like the results of another product and you are not experiencing any side effects, then that is good. But I have not had any side effects from HairGenesis because it is a non-drug treatment that is naturally derived from botanicals.

Ron H. - near Sacramento, CA

given July 2005

"I wanted to let you know that I have had very good results."

I wanted to let you know that I have had very good results from your product. I am taking the capsules and have noticed a difference. I have stopped shedding. My hair is fuller and thicker and I am feeling less self conscious about my looks. I just started growing my hair longer too, and now I can wear a pony tail!

I have tried many products over the years...this is the first one that I feel works for me. Thank you!!!

Ruth A. - near Cincinnati, OH

given August 2005

"Thank you HairGenesis! Love your products!"
Thank you HairGenesis. Love your products. Repeat customer.

Eric T. - near Syracuse, NY

given August 2005

"Your products are FANTASTIC. They do what they say."

I am 43 years old and I have spent so much money on hair products: tricomin, revivogen, nisim, to name a few. I have always been embarrassed by my hair. It never grows and is always breaking. So I had to write and tell you that after using your shampoo and conditioner my hair has body and shine like never before.

I am taking the capsules (oral soft gels) and using the scalp lotion ... if they show the same results I will forever be in your debt. When the consumer is promised certain things from products and they don't get the results, you become reluctant to believe any sales hype. But your products are FANTASTIC. They do what they say . Thank you... thank you...

Kathy M - near London, England

given September 2005

"My hair has gotten much thicker since I started with HairGenesis."

I have always had thin hair. Since I started using HairGenesis, my hair has gotten much thicker. It is also growing much faster and longer. Now my daughter is cutting my hair.  I have even given the products to my niece to use, since she has the same problem.

Linda M, near Temecula, CA

given October 2005

"I saw the presentation by Dr. Marcovici...everything he said about hair loss made sense."

I saw the presentation by Dr. Marcovici, the scientist who made this product. Everything he said about hair loss and DHT made so much sense. It was so logical. I have been using HairGenesis for a couple of years now. I am so amazed how my hair loss stopped since I began to use the soft gels. I tried other products and they just didn't do anything for me.

Billie M, near Springfield, VA

given November 2005

"The product seems to be working better than ever!" 

I was noticing in the mirror last night that the product seems to be working better than ever! Could I please order another 6 bottles of the Topical Serum. (just can't get enough of the stuff.)

Michael B. - near North Hollywood, CA
(Hair Genesis repeat customer)

given November 2005

"getting new hair on the receding hair line."

The top of my head is getting new hair and so is the receding hair line. At first it was baby hair. But now it is getting longer.

Phillip R. - near Fresno, CA
(using Hair Genesis since June 2005)

given November 2005

"My hair is in thicker and healthier shape than before."

Myrtle C. - near Newport News, VA
(using Hair Genesis since September 2005

given November 2005

"just noticed that HairGenesis kept my hair from being oily."

Joseph R. - near Springfield, IL
(using Hair Genesis since January 2004)

given November 2005

"I know that HairGenesis works. I want to maintain my new hair growth."

I started to see new hair growth when I was first using HairGenesis. Then I stopped using it and noticed that I lost hair again. I decided to start using the products again since I know that HairGenesis works and I want to maintain my new hair growth and results.

Daniel S., near Houston, TX
(using Hair Genesis since February 2005)

given November 2005

"I have had a lot of hair regrowth in the last 2 - 3 months."

I had been losing hair for a long time before I tried your HairGenesis products. So it took more time for me until I began seeing results. But in the last 2 - 3 months I have had a lot of hair regrowth compared to the first year. I am also very satisfied with the texture of my hair and the regrowth.

Glenn M. - near Helena, MT
(using Hair Genesis since June 2004)

given November 2005

"Seeing baby hairs coming in ... "

I have been using HairGenesis for four months and I am seeing baby hairs coming in. I am very happy with the product.

Vickie D. - near Atlanta, GA
(using Hair Genesis since July 2005)

given November 2005

"I am very happy that I am seeing these results in this short period of time."

I noticed that my hair stopped coming out very shortly after I started using HairGenesis. I also noticed that my hair has gotten thicker as well. I am very happy that I am seeing these results in this short period of time.

Darlene U. - near Hagerstown, MD
(using Hair Genesis since August 2005)

given November 2005

"stopped worrying."

I can't really tell yet, but I have stopped worrying about it though. My hair doesn't seem to be getting worse, I know it is only my second month of using HairGenesis so I still need some time to see results.

Morgan I. - near San Jose, CA (using Hair Genesis since October 2005)

given December 2005

"not losing any more hair."

I have been noticing that I am now maintaining the hair that I have. I am not losing any more hair.

Mark Z. - near Pittsburgh, PA
(using Hair Genesis since December 2004)

given December 2005

"new baby hairs growing after 3 months."

I am seeing new baby hairs growing in after three months. I am very satisfied with my results.

John P. - near Newark, DE
(using Hair Genesis since July 2005)

given December 2005

"Noticed that the hair I have is not falling out."

My hair is not too thin, but I have noticed that the hair which I do have is not falling out. I have sustained the hair that I have.

Mark K. - near Chicago, IL
(using Hair Genesis since April 2005)

given December 2005

"The back top crown area has all filled in"

The back top crown area has all filled in. I am not losing any more hair in the front either. I got off of Propecia, because it had too many side effects and was also expensive.

Ron P. - near Reno, NV
(using Hair Genesis since October 2004)

given December 2005

"New growth and hair is thicker"

My husband has been using the products for three months. He has new growth and his hair is thicker.

Gloria R. - near Palmdale, CA
(using Hair Genesis since October 2005)

given December 2005

Avacor should explain the drawbacks of minoxidil (in their product) after 48 weeks of use ... new customer with your company, excited to try your product"

I had just e-mailed a letter to Avacor in regards to the new step I am taking as a new customer with your company and I am excited to try your product. I respectfully shared with the Avacor company that the customer representatives should explain the drawbacks of minoxidil and how ineffective it is after 48 weeks of use.

They should not direct customers to keep buying a product that obviously doesn't work. Their are testimonial page only has four people on it and it has been the same 4 people sine the beginning of their website. This is a big step for me to leave a product (Avacor) I ONCE believed in after three years.

Chris S. - near Tempe, AZ
(using Hair Genesis since December 2005)

given December 2005

using for two months .. my hair is thicker and it has stopped falling out altogether"

I had been using Nioxin for about a year and my hair just started to fall out. I found your product on the Internet and thought I would give it a try. I have been using your product for two months now and my hair is thicker and it has stopped falling out altogether. I am really pleased with your product. I have had so many comments that my hair looks so much thicker. Even my hair dresser noticed the difference in my hair follicles, said they were a lot thicker. Thanks for your product.

Michael C. - near Raleigh, NC
(using Hair Genesis since October 2005)

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