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HairGenesis hair loss treatment products with DHT blockers are safe and effective for both men and women to use. Guaranteed to help you stop losing your hair due to thinning hair, pattern hair loss and baldness (alopecia)

Success Stories of satisfied users of Hair Genesis hair loss treatment products

Hair Genesis™ is the only Non-Drug (naturally-derived from herbal and botanical sources) hair growth hair loss treatment with DHT Blockers backed by independent and published research study done according to FDA-regulated, IRB-monitored standards. It is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair, and hairloss and help regrow hair naturally.

The testimonies presented below are for consumers who either presently still use or have used in the past genuine HairGenesisand not any other products.

If you see these same testimonials, the HairGenesis published research report or any of our client / patient photos, especially the TWINS PHOTOS, on other sites, which sell some other product other than HairGenesis, know that these testimonial success stories and photos are not the results obtained by any other products.

Share your success story with us and we can give you a discount on your next order of HairGenesisproducts. Just email us and let us know you have a success story to tell us.

We greatly value your opinion and feedback.

These testimonies are not proof of results or a claim for the ability of HairGenesis  to grow hair or prevent hair loss. Individual Results May Vary.

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We would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to tell us about your own results and experience with our products.

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"I heartily endorse this all natural product and recommend it to all my patients. Almost 90% of patients using the formulation noted a complete arresting of their hair loss progression."

After researching the various treatment options available for androgenic alopecia, it is my opinion that only three classes of substances have been clinically proven to prevent and/or reverse hair loss: Minoxidil, Super Oxide Dismutase, and the anti-androgens. I have reviewed recent studies of HairGenesis and noted a very high success ratio. Almost 90% of patients using the formulation at the recommended dosage noted a complete arresting of their hair loss progression. Of these patients, 50% demonstrated an "aesthetically meaningful" change in the caliber of their hair. These are very positive findings indeed. After reviewing this research as well as clinical notes taken from patients using Hair Genesis, I am comfortable this formula presents an extremely safe track record in those using the product formulation at recommended dosage levels. These facts impressed me. HairGenesis is an exciting, new, naturally based, anti-androgen that has been added to our medical armamentarium for hair loss prophylaxis.

Michael J. Sassman,
D.O. Columbia Presbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center
Denver, CO


from February 2003

"Within three months now my hair is rejuvenating in leaps and bounds."

Dear Sirs and Ladies (of course) I decided that you must hear my story. I decided that I am definitely female and you need to hear my roar. I was beginning to wonder about being female with all the hair I was losing. I have always been considered a very attractive female and my hair has always been my crowning glory. My smile, personality, shy look are all contributing factors to my success. Not many women are able to say that they have broken a six-figure income. I can. I always feel in control. Okay, not always.

When I realized that I was losing my hair I couldn't believe it. First, I ran out and bought every expensive product on the market thinking that the health of my hair could be affected. Nothing worked. I tried to ignore the problem thinking that stress was the culprit. So, I quit the stressful job and moved to the country. Really. My God, it just got worse. It got so bad that I could feel hairs dropping onto my arms when I was sitting perfectly still. That was when I finally admitted that there was a real problem.

Off to the doctor I went. By the way, I quit my profession (marketing) and lost my insurance. Hundreds of dollars later and many tests and three doctors later and I was sadly disappointed. After the tests they decided that my testosterone level was normal, yet high normal and that was the problem. They placed me on birth control pills (don't need - had surgery) and blood pressure medicine. I took them faithfully for months. Nothing.

I was losing so much hair that after vacuuming my vanity table area the vacuum quit running because of my hair wrapped around the roller. What a nightmare. I cried. I lost more hair. One night my husband and I had a tiff (this was happening more often I think due to my loss of hair and self esteem) and I went to my mother's. She has cable. I saw an infomercial. I thought what could I lose? Just more hair. And the rest is her story (it's a girl thing-instead of history).

Within three weeks of using Hair Genesis I could comb my hair and not lose a single one! Within three months now my hair is rejuvenating in leaps and bounds. You should see all the new growth on my gorgeous head! My confidence is back and so is my hair! My existing locks are getting shiny, and silky and I have baby (2") hairs all over my head! Your product is saving my life as I have known it. This, of course, is not the whole story as I have too much to tell. I love you for what this product has done for me. My thoughts? You should love me too. I could help open an entire market for you with the women. I walk through the stores and notice all the thinning heads of women. My heart weeps for them. I want to sit with Jenny Lee Harrison on an infomercial and tell all the women on earth that your product is the best. Maybe even the only. You need to get pictures of my hair!!!!! You just won't believe it yourselves. You have made my hair grow. Until now, I don't think all those other suffering women  had anywhere else to go! Thank you!

Debra B. - near Dallas, TX

January 2004

"... my hair looks and feels fuller."
Two months ago I started the process of researching hair restoration options. I researched from Avacor, Rogaine, health food stores, hair club for men, and even hair grafting surgery. Then I came across HairGenesis. From a child I had the fullest head of waxy hair, being short or long. When I reached my early twenties, I noticed that the hair line and front crown area was getting a little bit thin. With the additional years and amount of stress I deal with in my line of work, the thinning started to increase. Because of my line of work in the public eye and the need to feel and look youthful, not to mention my own vanity, I needed actual results that didn't break the bank.

When I went to research Avacor, I saw another search result that stated, "Avacor vs. Hair Genesis" I went to the web site and was immediately impressed, but skeptical I must say. Your product being all natural was the first perk. Next was the 1/3 less cost and third the noticeable, but realistic results of your customers. So I purchased.

From the first time I used the shampoo and conditioner and then the hair serum at night, I felt the tingling and the warmth of the product working. After one week, not only did I see the fullness starting to come back, but I could also actually feel the small hair follicles starting to regrow, when applying light massaging of the serum at night.

Within two weeks, people were saying to me, "Did you get your hair cut? Your hair looks fuller." As a matter of fact, the big test for me was looking into the rearview mirror of the car when the sunroof was open to see if I saw my scalp. Well, less and less is being seen everyday. I cannot tell you how happy and good that makes me feel.

We all get older. That is a fact of life. But getting older does not mean one has to look and feel old. Thank you for this amazing all natural hair restoration product.

Chase - near La Crosse, WI

February 2004

"I have never felt better about the way my hair looks than now!"
I would like to thank HairGenesis for giving me back my hair. For years I have had to live with the fact that I was losing my hair and that caused great depression. I have never felt better about the way my hair looks than now! I can now wake up in the morning and not have to spend hours on my hair trying to make it look fuller. Being a woman and losing your hair was the most horrible thing ever! Thank you again!

Miss T. K. - near Cincinnati, OH

March 2004

"I used your product before; and after about 9 weeks I started seeing results."
Your product continued working great for me but I discontinued the product after I achieved the results desired (about 9 months). Now my hair has started to thin again so I know this time I will continue to use Hair Genesis.

This product works great for me. I am in the military and don't always have time to get in front of a mirror and spray stuff (Rogaine) on my head. Also Rogaine was only growing fuzz, but the Hair Genesis was really thickening up the hair I had and also growing new, thicker hair. I guess the only thing I would request now is to please get my order to me ASAP. Also, last but not least, thanks for a convenient product with no side effects.

Very Respectfully,
J.P. - near Green Bay, WI

April 2004

"... my hair stayed healthy ..."

My hair in front only looked good combed back to cover my bald spot in back. My hair would not grow long and healthy enough to wear bangs. After using HairGenesis, my hair stayed healthy so I could grow some length to wear bangs and cover a once rather balding area on the back. I believe Hair Genesis prevents future loss by keeping the hair healthier, thus giving hair density and length to wear bangs. The body and health of my hair have improved.

Lance M.

May 2004

"It works!"
I have being using HairGenesis for over six months. It really works! I wish I could tell every person with thin hair to use this. It would make lots of people very happy. Even my barber has noticed the change. He commented on how much my hair has filled in the area where it was thinning.

Bruce S.  - nea Cleveland, OH
Hair Genesis since August 2003)

June 2004

"... I have little hairs growing on top of my head."
I was concerned with the loss on the crown of my head and I wanted to slow it down. Once I started using HairGenesis, I noticed very little hair loss after showering and it ms I have little hairs growing on top of my head already. I really think this product works and I would recommend it to others.

Mike M. - near Decatur, IL
Hair Genesis since August 2003)

July 2004

"... no hair in my brush and none on my pillow."
I started using HairGenesis when I noticed more hair in my brush than I thought was normal--also in the shower drain. Since I have been using Hair Genesis, there is virtually no hair in my brush and none on my pillow. I have not seen any hair in the shower drain after a couple of weeks of use. I will not stop using something that really works.

Patrick S. - near Jacksonville, FL

August 2004

"... my hair growth has been fabulous!"
I have had a hair loss pattern that started in my mid-twenties (front through crown). Since I started using Hair Genesis, my hair growth has been fabulous! I have a lot of hair growing on the top, center portion of my head now. My hair loss has also become very negligible. HairGenesis has also almost totally restored my hair loss. I have recommended this product to others and friends -- and I am a very strong believer in the results of this product.

Bob S. - near Richmond, VA

September 2004

"My hair loss has stopped after just two months. Rogaine and Avacor (both relying on Minoxidil) just didn't work."
I am in my 40's. I tried Rogaine in the past, but it did not work for me. I also didn't like the idea that I would have to use it twice a day, every day, continuously. I tried several other products which I heard about on radio or read about in mail order catalogs, such as Hair Prime, Helsinki Formula, etc. None of them worked either. About three years ago I heard the radio ad for Avacor. I bought a one year supply. At first I had high hopes. After a full year of daily use, I still had no results. I called them and they told me that I should keep trying. So I thought I would give it some more time and then I spent another $530 and bought a second 12-month supply of Avacor. Yet after more than a year and a half, it still hadn't worked. In fact, my hair was falling out faster than before I was using it. I could count so many hairs in the shower drain when I washed it. So I stopped and gave up hope.

Later I did some research on the internet and discovered that Avacor was actually using Minoxidil 2% solution, the same ingredient used in Rogaine for Men and Rogaine for Women. But at that time, Avacor didn't mark it on the label as Minoxidil. They just used the chemical name that nobody could understand. Although they claim that it is safe, I also experienced some of the known side effects of using Minoxidil, such as rapid heart beat and sudden weight gain. After doing some research about Minoxidil and reading various articles about Avacor, like the ones shown on your comparison page, I understood why Avacor didn't work, especially on the receding hair line I have in the front or in the large bald spot I have in the back.

I started using Hair Genesis two months ago. Within this period of time, my hair has actually finally stopped falling out. That was the first positive sign I had of any hair growth product I have used. When I wash my hair, I no longer find lots of hairs in the shower drain. Many people with hair loss can probably relate to this. Then I began to notice many new 1/4" hairs were growing on my forehead in the front receding hair line area. That was the second encouraging sign to me that I had finally found a hair growth product that really worked. My friends noticed it also. I highly recommend Hair Genesis to anyone who is seriously concerned about stopping their hair loss and or regrowing their hair. If you are about my age or even if you are only in your 20's or 30's, then Hair Genesis will most certainly work for you also, when other products like Avacor and Rogaine have not. Thanks Hair Genesis for giving me hope again and helping me to start to get my hair back.

Dan G.
- near Lancaster, PA
Hair Genesis since July 2003)

October 2004

"The power of your product speaks for itself." (2nd testimony)"
I did it again. My life becomes so hectic that I begin to take my new found hair for granted. About three months ago I ran out of my gels and today my hair is again dropping. The power of your product speaks for itself. You are in my heart (and on my head) forever! If you will allow me a year's worth of the gels alone I would appreciate it. I will provide you with my credit card number if you will send me instructions. I am glad to see my testimonial still there. If you need another one I would be more than happy to write one. I believe in you, your product, and my hair! Thank you Geno for all that you do! With lots of love and admiration.

Debra B. - near Dallas, TX

November 2004

"My 57 year old dad started to see new hair growth on his forehead after just 6 weeks!"

My father is 57 years old. He used Rogaine for quite some time, but had no results. I bought him a 3-month supply of HairGenesis. Since I am the one who cuts his hair, I would notice his hair loss all the time. Within just six weeks of using your product, I noticed his hair was growing back in on the front receding hair line area. We are so impressed with your products.. Now we convinced that your product really does work, so we have just placed another order, this time for a twelve month supply. Keep up the great work!

Tami E. - near Des Moines, IA
(using   Hair Genesis since March 2004)

November 2004

"Am I supposed to be seeing new hair growth on my forehead in just 27 days??"

I am in my early thirties. I was going to order Avacor when I came across your web site. I really didn't want to use it or any other product that contains drugs or Minoxidil. So when I read your page comparison of HairGenesis and Avacor, I felt I should at least try your product, since it is a drug-free treatment. After using your products every day, I began to notice results rather quickly. Am I supposed to be seeing new hair growth on my forehead in just 27 days? I had to call your customer service to find out if the product could really work that fast for me. I was told that some people do see results in as little as two to four weeks. I guess I am one of the lucky ones and very grateful. Thank you for your help!

Randy N. - near Waco TX
(using  Hair Genesis since April 2004)

December 2004

"HairGenesis works just like they said it is supposed to."
I had been using Avacor for quite a few months. I was told that it would stop my hair loss, but it never worked. When I called them, they told me to keep using it. But I didn't believe it anymore. Then I did some research on the internet for other products and came across HairGenesis. Your customer service rep explained to me very clearly why I, along with so many other men and women, are losing their hair due to this pattern hair loss. He also explained to me that Minoxidil doesn't contain ingredients that block the DHT and that the HairGenesis Soft Gels can actually stop the actions of the 5AR enzyme that causes the DHT problem. I understood for the first time why HairGenesis could really work for me, so I ordered a 3-Month Supply. After about two months of use, my hairloss actually started to decrease. It has also started to regrow noticeably in the back of my scalp. So far HairGenesis has been working exactly as they stated it is supposed to. So I placed a re-order for more product.

Frank I. - near New York City
Hair Genesis since November 2004)

December 2004

"62 years old and my hair loss has stopped."
I am 62 years old. My hair has generally been thinning over the past 10 years or so. More recently I was getting an enormous amount of hairloss. Just over two months ago I placed an order for a 3-month supply of HairGenesis. I am thrilled to tell you that my hair loss has now stopped to only a few hairs a day and I am very pleased. This product is working quite well for me, so I am placing an order for an additional supply.

John O. - near Detroit, MI
(using Hair Genesis since October 2004)

Order Hair Genesis botanical, drug-free hair growth hair loss treatment system: the safest and most effective hair loss products that help resolve your hairloss problem. Helps stop thinning hair, hairloss and male and female pattern baldness
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