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Hair Genesis™ is the only Non-Drug (naturally-derived from herbal and botanical sources) hair growth hair loss treatment with DHT Blockers backed by independent and published research study done according to FDA-regulated, IRB-monitored standards. It is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair, and hairloss and help regrow hair naturally.

HairGenesis hair loss products with DHT blockers are clinically proven by FDA-regulated research to be safe and effective for both men and women. Guaranteed to help you stop losing your hair due to thinning hair and male and female pattern hair loss and baldness (alopecia)Based on science and clinical research testing conducted on these products, HairGenesis™ works for the majority of those who use the products properly. 

Your HairGenesis™ hair loss treatment program has been carefully designed to offer maximum benefit in the safest and most time efficient manner possible. In order to get proper results when using these products, it is very important that you follow the treatment program as directed.

Hair Genesis™ works safely and effectively, without the use of Minoxidil (as used in Rogaine™, Avacor™ and Hair Advantage™) and other drugs such as Finasteride (as used in Propecia or Proscar).

It not only helps prevent more hair loss and helps maintain the hair you already have, but also stimulates the hair follicles and helps support the natural re-growth of your hair, including on the front receding hairline area (where Minoxidil-products, such as Rogaine™, generic Minoxidil, Avacor™ and Hair Advantage™ do not work effectively or at all).

Remember, that you most likely did not lose your hair overnight, so it will take time for the products to begin working for you. It takes time for the Oral Soft Gels to slow down and then stop the formation of more harmful DHT in your body, so that less or no DHT can get into your scalp and hair follicles and cause hair loss.

It takes time for the Shampoo to clean out your scalp and hair follicles of accumulated sebum oils, mineral deposits and DHT build-up. It takes time for the Topical Serum to protect your cleansed hair follicles from DHT binding inside them and to stimulate the hair follicles for growth. Once this happens, your hair can begin the natural process of re-growing again.

This includes helping your hair to genuinely grow fuller and thicker. That may include an increase in the actual thickness of the hair shafts, not just a coating of the hair through the use of polysacharide ingredients (ie: sugar), which simply make the hairs appear thicker, as some other products use).

Read the directions of use on all product bottles and use only in accordance with the instructions. Hair Genesis™ products have been found to be completely safe for both men and women when used accordingly. You should not use more product than instructed. Do not open more than one bottle of product per month and finish using that bottle before opening the next bottle.  Hair Genesis™ is the only Non-Drug hair loss treatment to ever demonstrate both safety and effectiveness in an independent third-party clinical study under FDA-regulated IRB-monitored (Institutional Review Board) peer-reviewed placebo-controlled, double-blind research. (Other hair loss treatment products that also have FDA-regulated IRB-monitored studies are Rogaine™ and Propecia™, both of which however are drugs.)

In order to objectively monitor your progress, it is highly recommended that you take photos of the hair loss area at the start of your program and then each month. Although in some individuals positive results have been achieved in as little as two to four weeks, such as decrease or stoppage of hair loss, most individuals typically respond within three months of regular daily treatment. 

Human hair normally follows a cycle of growth, transition, resting and then new hair growth. Normal healthy hairs grow at the rate of about 1/2 inch per month, but vary by individual. A healthy hair follicle produces a strong, thick, colored hair. The hair follicles grow the hair for a period of 2 to 6 years. Then the follicles enter  a period of rest for approximately three months. After that time, the follicles shed their old hairs and resume their growing phase, producing new hairs. About 10% of your hairs are in this 3rd stage or resting stage at any given point. For more information about the hair growth cycle, please read about normal hair growth.

Most individuals with male or female pattern hair loss will therefore respond to the HairGenesis™ treatment program by the end of three months of regular daily use. Some of these improvements include increase in hair thickness, cleaner scalp and hair follicles, no more oily or greasy scalp, decrease or stoppage of hair loss and new hair growth in thinning or balding areas. Most users of HairGenesis™ report that they are extremely satisfied with their results. Results vary by person.

We are confident that if you give all the HairGenesis™ products enough time to work, you too will achieve positive and noticeable results. That's why we offer our guarantee as follows:

Product Guarantee for Best Value Packs

 3-Month supply 3 month guarantee
 4-Month supply 4 month guarantee
 6-Month supply 6 month guarantee
12-Month supply 6 month guarantee
If you have not seen any noticeable results by the first 6 months
of use, you should probably discontinue using the products.

Compare Our Guarantee with that of Other Hair Loss Treatment Products

We believe our guarantee and refund policy is one of the best you can find. The following is just a sample of refunds and or guarantees offered by other companies selling other hairloss treatment products:

No refunds for: Propecia, Rogaine, Minoxidil products, COURVe, He Shou Wu products, Fullmore
30 days refund for: Crinagen, Fabao 101, Folligen, Thymuskin, Tricomin, Viviscal
60 days refund for: Advecia, Follicare
90 days refund for: Hair Advantage, NuHair, Procerin, Revivogen, ShenMin

The Best Value Packs one-month supply and two-month supply are offered as an introduction to using the products. In some cases, you will see noticeable and encouraging results in this short period of time. However, because of the nature in which hair grows during a normal three month period of time, as explained above, we cannot guarantee that you will definitely see particular results in such short time periods of just one or two months of regular use. Remember, your hair most likely didn't fall out in that short period of time. So you need to give yourself and the products enough time to work. It is recommended to continue using the products for at least three full months.

If you are age 50 to 55, we recommend that you call us before ordering any products, so that we may discuss your hairloss situation personally. Due to the age factor affecting hair loss and hair re-growth, it is unrealistic at that age to expect much hair re-growth if you have been losing your hair for many years. You may however, be able to maintain the hair you still have.

However, we are unable to offer a product results guarantee to someone who is over 50 years old and who does not speak with us before ordering.

If you are over 55 years old, we normally suggest that you do not order our products except for the Oral Soft Gels - DHT Blockers / Hair Vitamins. Please call us for help or if you have questions.

If you have absolutely no results whatsoever, contact us according to the time period shown above from the date your order was received to request a refund. In order to receive proper credit, follow these procedures. First contact our Customer Service Department by email. You will be given a RA# (Return Authorization number).

Return all opened and unopened bottles of Hair Genesis™ Oral Softgels, Topical Activator Serum, Revitalizing Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner, including all empty and all unused bottles from your order prepaid within 10 days from the date your RA# is issued along with your original order receipt to the address listed below. State the reason for your return on the order receipt and write your RA# on the outside of the return box. We are not responsible for damaged or lost returns. Shipping charges, if any, are not refundable.
A re-stocking fee of 20% will be applied to all returns whether the bottles are opened or not. Refunds are generally processed within 15 working days from the date the products are returned.

A return is valid for one purchase per household. Product returns void any guarantee or refunds on any future orders of Hair Genesis™ products. Failure to follow these guidelines may void the product results guarantee.

Order Hair Genesis botanical, drug-free hair growth hair loss treatment system: the safest and most effective hair loss products that help resolve your hairloss problem. Helps stop thinning hair, hairloss and male and female pattern baldnessHair Genesis
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