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Hair Genesis™ is the only Non-Drug (naturally-derived from herbal and botanical sources) hair growth hair loss treatment with DHT Blockers backed by independent and published research study done according to FDA-regulated, IRB-monitored standards. It is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair, and hairloss and help regrow hair naturally.

Common Myths About Hairloss and Hair Growth

myths and facts about pattern male and female hair lossIn order to choose an effective solution for your hair loss problem, you need to better understand the type of hairloss you have and the cause of it. It is important to not be lead into buying multitudes of products based on myths and improper understanding of your hair loss situation.

If you have a question regarding hair loss, hair growth or HairGenesis hairloss treatment products, please use our Ask the Expert form. Your questions will be reviewed and addressed by our research and development department.

myths and facts about pattern hairloss in men and womenBecause hair loss is such a widely experienced but also widely misunderstood phenomenon, it is important to understand what are myths and what are actual facts. It is important to have the facts in order to discern the appropriate treatment regimen for the actual kind of hair loss one is experiencing.

Myth: Treatments potentially useful against one kind of hair loss are therefore useful against all kinds of hair loss.


AndroGenetic Alopecia (AGA), (common pattern hair loss) has been demonstrated to result from a genetic predisposition to specific hormonal triggers.  AGA is by far the most common kind of hair loss, effecting more than 40 million American men and 20 million American women.  Recently, agents have been developed that work to block the progression of this disorder by inhibiting certain steps in the progression of the relevant hormonal pathways.   Some are more effective than others.

By way of contrast Alopecia Areata (AA), (a disease of discreet lesions of moth eaten appearing hair loss) is a disorder less well understood, but thought to be triggered by inflammatory or autoimmune associated factors.  In AA, the degree and duration of the disease is variable.

This means that one person may experience one or two tiny lesions that self-resolve.  And another person may experience much larger lesions of hair loss that spread to completely and permanently denude the scalp of hair.

Some success has been found in some individuals via intra-lesional steroid challenge. Commoly the drug of choice is the anti-inflammatory dexamethasone. Such treatment occurs clinically and is administered by qualified physicians familiar with the sequelae of this dermatologic disorder.

Often in AA, spontaneous remission may occur,  wherein full regrowth of the hair is evident. Some unscrupulous marketers have taken advantage of this phenomena in order to claim efficacy for various creams, concoctions, and lotions which they are purporting to represent as hair growth agents.  However, despite exaggerated claims, safety & efficacy has never been proven by these marketers in the context of IRB monitored, placebo-controlled, double-blind, FDA regulated research.

Moreover, the distinction between Alopecia Areata and AndroGenetic Alopecia is often muddied by these unscrupulous marketers so that one is falsely led to believe that the events occurring spontaneously against the backdrop of AA may also be caused to occur in the setting of AGA through the use of their lotions and potions.  Ultimately, the unsuspecting public may be induced to buy a set of products based on substances that offer no real value against AA or AGA.

In conclusion, the etiology, progression, and subsequent treatment of AA is distinct and apart from that occurring in the context of AGA.  One should not be confused with the other.  Nor should one be fooled into buying hair loss treatment concoctions (often accompanied by glossy photos that are most probably spontaneous remission of AA lesions) that have no basis in scientific fact.

HairGenesis™ botanical hairloss treatment products are designed to help stop the effects of thinning hair and hair loss and help regrow hair, due to pattern hairloss in men and women, which is caused by DHT metabolism in the body and on the scalp of affected individuals.

Myth: Poor circulation in the scalp and hair follicles causes thinning hair and hairloss.


Some researchers have a theory that poor circulation of blood in the scalp and hair follicles is the root cause of hair loss. There are actually various types and causes of hair loss and although constricted blood supply to the hair follicles and hair roots is common in the hair follicles affected by pattern hair loss in men and whose, this may not be the cause of such (male or female) pattern hair loss, but rather the result.

Nevertheless, various hair loss treatment remedies claim to stop the effects of hair thinning and hair loss and likewise claim to reverse the hair loss by increasing the flow of blood to the scalp and follicles. This is the theory behind Rogaine™ and other minoxidil-containing products, such as Avacor™, Hair Advantage™, Follicare™ and generic minoxidil-based (2% solution or 5% solution) hairloss products.

However, clinical studies have repeatedly proven that the application of minoxidil vasodilators (products which increase the flow of blood) is no guarantee that the user will actually grow or regrow any hair in the affected areas. Furthermore, tests have shown that good hair which has been transplanted from the back of the scalp into the thinning or balding areas on the top or front, may continue to grow, thus proving that poor circulation in the thinning or balding parts of the scalp is not the primary or root cause of hair loss or hair fallout.

Numerous research studies in the past few years have shown that male and female pattern hair loss, which is due to DHT attacking affected hair follicles in such individuals, actually causes the hair follicle and root structures themselves to grow smaller. These studies have also shown that in such individuals, there tends to be a corresponding decrease in the blood circulation in the particular hair follicles affected by the DHT of pattern hairloss, leading researchers and clinicians to believe that such poor circulation may actually be a result and not a cause of pattern hairloss in such men and women.

Thus, hairloss treatment remedies, such as HairGenesis™, which are clinically-proven to help stop the effects of DHT in the scalp and follicles, may actually help improve the circulation of blood in the scalp and follicles, as the products begin to help reverse the effects of DHT-caused pattern hairloss.

Myth: Lack of necessary vitamins to the scalp and hair follicles causes you to lose your hair.


There are numerous hair loss treatment products which claim that it is a lack of proper nutrition to the scalp, hair follicles and hairs themselves, which causes thinning hair or hair loss. Although proper and balanced nutrition is necessary for overall health, individuals who maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet and life-style can still lose their hair due to male or female pattern hair loss.  Therefore taking these hair vitamin supplements which allegedly contain special formulas and ingredients designed to nourish and stregthen the hair and follices may not necessarily stop pattern hair loss or help regrow any hair where it has already fallen out.

While the HairGenesis™ Oral Soft Gels do provide certain ingredients to the scalp and hair follicles to help nourish them, more importantly, they are designed to stop the metabolism of DHT systemically (inside the body), which is proven to be the root cause of pattern hairloss in men and women.

Myth: Clogged hair follicles causes men and women to have hairloss.


While it is true that hair follicles may become clogged due to excess sebum oil build-up, this does not cause the hair follicle and hair root structures themselves to grow smaller nor does it cause the hairs in the follicles to grow shorter, smaller, thinner and weaker. Clogged hair pores may cause hairs to become ingrown. Moreover, shampoos and scalp cleansers which are supposed to open clogged pores do not stop the effects of thinning hair and hair loss, nor do they regrow hair.

While the HairGenesis™ Shampoo does help to unblock clogged scalp pores by removing excess sebum oil and mineral deposits from the follicles and scalp, it also helps remove accumulated DHT from the scalp and hair follicles. But unlike almost all other hair loss treatment products,  it simultaneously add DHT Blockers directly back onto the scalp and into the follicles, to then protect the follicles and roots from the negative effects of DHT by blocking the binding of DHT inside them.

Order Hair Genesis botanical, drug-free hair growth hair loss treatment system: the safest and most effective hair loss products that help resolve your hairloss problem. Helps stop thinning hair, hairloss and male and female pattern baldness
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