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Order Hair Genesis botanical, drug-free hair growth hair loss treatment system: the safest and most effective hair loss products that help resolve your hairloss problem. Helps stop thinning hair, hairloss and male and female pattern baldness

Hair Genesis
naturally-derived oral and topical botanical hair loss treatment products safely and effectively help you losing your hair and help reverse the effects of thinning hair and hairloss due to pattern hair loss  in men and women
HairGenesis naturally-derived hair growth hair loss treatment products are naturally-derived from herbal and botanical ingredients.

Order HairGenesis drug-free hair growth hair loss treatment products with DHT blockers. Stop losing your hair. Helps stop thinning hair due to male and female pattern hair loss and baldness.

HairGenesis™ is based upon a scientifically proven hypothesis and was developed by a hair restoration research expert. Dr. Geno Marcovici is the scientist primarily responsible for the development of the HairGenesis™ hair loss treatment products line.

In 1995, Dr. Marcovici began research into the highly interesting metabolic activities he observed within certain naturally derived botanical substances.

One of these botanical ingredients was derived from a certain kind of palm tree.

Another came from a type of grass.

Still others came from grape seeds and green tea.

Each of these substances had shown compellingly objective evidence as inhibitors of the very metabolism shown to precipitate pattern hair loss.

However, Dr. Marcovici realized that no one had managed to successfully combine them in such a way as to constitute a safe and effective treatment regimen that could be proven under stringent scientifically-controlled research.

HairGenesis hair loss treatment products (with dht blockers) are safe for both men and women to use. Guaranteed to help you stop losing your hair due to thinning hair, pattern hair loss and baldness (androgenetic alopecia)HairGenesis™ is the only Non-Drug (naturally-derived from herbal and botanical sources) hair growth hair loss treatment containing scientifically-proven ingredients and DHT Blockers backed by independently verified and peer-reviewed published research study done according to FDA-Regulated IRB-Monitored standards. It is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair, hairloss and help regrow hair naturally. You may read this landmark published clinical research study.

Research Study on HairGenesis™ Soft Gels published in the
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

"The results of this pilot study (using HairGenesis™ Soft Gels) showed a highly positive response to treatment. The blinded investigative staff assessment report showed that
60% of (6/10) study subjects dosed with the active study formulation were rated as improved at the final visit."

(Compare that with only 26% for men
and just
19% for women using Rogaine / Minoxidil)


HairGenesis™ is a complete set of botanical hair growth - hair loss treatment products used to safely and effectively treat male and female pattern hair loss. HairGenesis™ is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair and hairloss and naturally regrow hair thicker, fuller and healthier.

Hair Genesis™ combines both an oral product and topical products in order to successfully combat the negative effects of DHT both internally and topically. This unique set of drug-free products treats DHT, the root cause of hairloss and pattern baldness most in men and women. The special combination of botanical ingredients have been combined in a proprietary method of process to synergistically stop and reverse the effects of thinning hair, hairloss and the balding process.

The only known clinical research study using Saw Palmetto extract for helping to stop hair loss that has been verified independently outside of the manufacturing company and then accepted for publication in a medical or scientific journal is the one by Dr. Geno Marcovici of HairGenesis™.

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before after pictures of twins prove that HairGenesis non drug hair loss treatment products with natural DHT blockers work

before after pictures of twins prove that HairGenesis non drug hair loss treatment products with natural DHT blockers work

Does HairGenesis
Really Work?

Read these
Success Stories
and find out what our customers have to say
+ HairGenesis
6 - 7 mos. Tx
Tx  = Treatment Patient
of Dr. Geno Marcovici

Twins Prove HairGenesis™ Hair Growth Products with clinically proven DHT Blockers Work! Results show the remarkable difference between identical twins, one treated with Hair Genesis™ hair loss treatment products for approximately six months versus his untreated identical twin brother after the same time period.

Before and After Pictures showing successful results using HairGenesis natural hair loss treatment products with botanical DHT Blockers Before and After Pictures showing successful results using HairGenesis natural hair loss treatment products with botanical DHT Blockers
Before After
See more results photos.

The development of HairGenesis™
Finding the target substances was just one part of the challenge. Another concerned the process of compounding these substances in the proper combinations and at the correct levels, so that they stayed in solution while maintaining desired stability and strength. They had to be structured in such a way as to be optimally deliverable to the hair follicles while maintaining their desired activities. This was where many others had failed, but where HairGenesis™ hair loss treatment products would be proven remarkably successful.

Before focusing on formal research, and prior to completing his Doctorate in human physiology, Dr. Marcovici developed important experience in the design, administration, and direction of IRB (Institutional Review Board) controlled FDA clinical trials. He has also participated in the design, implementation, and interpolation of clinical studies with well-known biotech skin-sciences research companies such as Organogenesis and Procyte Corporation.

Dr. Marcovici has been involved in hair loss treatment and research for more than 20 years as the director of clinical research for Advanced Restoration Technologies, a Colorado based center whose practice was devoted solely to hair loss research and surgical hair restoration. During these many years of training and clinical practice, Dr. Marcovici saw thousands of hair loss patients and began to understand the challenges involved which would have to be overcome in order to present people with a better option than those currently available.

DHT and Pattern Hair Loss in Men and Women
There is an enzyme in the body called 5-Alpha-Reductase (5AR).  There are actually two types of this enzyme. (Type I and Type II). This enzyme converts Testosterone into the hormone Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT). In pattern hair loss, DHT gets into the scalp and hair follicles and triggers a chain of events that causes the hair follicles to become smaller in size. As a result, the hairs growing in those follicles then grow shorter in length and thinner in size. As those hairs go through their growing cycles, they become more thin and more short. That's why you may notice that your hair is generally getting thinner throughout your scalp over time. These hairs may also become lighter in color. Eventually, if these hairs don't grow at all and they fall out, you may start to see bald spots on the back or top of your scalp or a receding hair line in the front.

DHT Blockers
Many hair loss treatment and hair growth products do not contain ingredients that actually block the formation of DHT. They may help provide a clean scalp and hair follicle environment and may also improve the external appearance of the hair. However, internally, DHT may still be building up inside the follicles and continuing to cause thinning hair and hair loss.

HairGenesis™ Oral Soft Gels Block the Formation of DHT
HairGenesis™ is different in how it works. First, none of the products contain the drug Minoxidil or any other drugs like Finasteride, such as is used in Propecia™ and Proscar™. All Hair Genesis™ products are naturally derived from botanical and herbal sources. The Oral Soft Gels, which you use twice a day, contain several clinically demonstrated and proven ingredients that naturally interfere with the activity of the 5-Alpha-Reductase (5AR) enzyme, so that it cannot convert Testosterone into Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT).

If you have less, and then no more, DHT being formed in your body, then there is less and no more DHT that can get into the scalp and hair follicles and cause the harmful damage to your follicles which cause you to lose your hair. In other words, your hair follicles can once again be able to grow back in a healthy and normal environment. And the hairs in those follicles can likewise begin to grow back healthier, thicker and stronger.

Using the Hair Genesis™ Oral Soft Gels can also help to maintain and strengthen the hair you do have, so that it is less susceptible to falling out due to pattern hairloss. Keep in mind that it is better and perhaps easier to maintain the healthy hair you already do have, than to try to regrow hair that has already fallen out some time ago.

Read more about HairGenesis™.

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Dr. Geno Marcovici, researcher and scientist, shares personally with you why HairGenesiscan help you stop your thinning hair
and hairloss. Learn first hand why HairGenesis
really works

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botanical HairGenesis hair loss treatment products with natural DHT Blockers really works!
HairGenesis™ is based on 20 years of on-going clinical studies and product ingredient research and development. 

This revolutionary
Non-Drug botanically-derived natural hair loss treatment system with DHT Blockers has been available since 1995!

HairGenesis™ is the most safe and effective herbal / botanical hairloss remedy product for treating thinning hair and hair loss due to
male and female
pattern hairloss.

It is the only
Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Growth Product backed by an independent, medically verified, clinically-proven, peer-reviewed
Research Study,
conducted according to FDA-regulated, IRB-monitored standards,
which has been published
in a peer-reviewed medical journal!

In other words, not only does HairGenesissay that it works, but independent experts in the hair loss field and medical community
have verified that
it really works!

Read the
Clinical Study now!

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